Emily Hourican


As a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, Emily brings an extra dimension of creative imagination and empathy to her ghost-writing, allowing her to help subjects tell their story fully, and skilfully filling in any emotional blanks.

As an interviewer, Emily is invariably warm, intuitive and engaged. Her interest in the person she talks to is complete, and her ability to ask the right questions, and have a full understanding of the answers, means that she is known for creating a sympathetic atmosphere that encourages intimacy and ensures the person she is talking to feels comfortable and encouraged.

Her talent for research into and around relevant subjects means that she is able to add extra depth, dimension and detail where necessary, to enhance the core story, as well as focus the direction of the conversation and revelation.

Emily has ghost-written three books.

For the most recent of these, published in June 2017, Emily worked with a well-known UK celebrity, and the book became an immediate UK and Amazon bestseller, ranking no 1 within its category, and No 72 overall in Amazon sales.

The response from readers has been overwhelmingly positive, with comments focussing on the honesty, openness and beautiful writing in the book.

For reasons of discretion – often a key part of the ghost-writing experience – specifics details aren’t published here, but for the genuinely interested, email Emily.

Of working with Emily, the book’s subject said the following:

“Thank you Emily for helping me put my thoughts to paper in some sort of readable order! I will cherish the hours we shared talking (well, me talking and you listening). It has been the most therapeutic experience and a journey of discovery. It is thanks to you that I have been able to express myself and open up fully. I will be forever thankful to you. It has been a pleasure to write with you.”

The first ghost-written book, To Russia With Love, with Debbie Deegan, is the story of the setting up of a charity dedicated to caring for Russian orphans. The primary purpose of the book was as a fundraising tool, in which it was very successful.

Of the experience of working with Emily, Debbie Deegan said:

“It was a joy. She is the most sympathetic person to talk to, and so clever at asking the right questions and joining the dots. She is such a wonderful writer that she was able to write the story I wanted better than I could tell it.”

The second ghost-written book was Jack & Jill, The Story of Jonathan Irwin, written with Jonathan Irwin and telling the story of his life, from being the only child of glamorous bohemian parents, actress Philippa Stanley-Clarke and BBC producer John Irwin, to school days at Eton and his successful career in horse racing, along with the tragedy of losing three sons and the eventual setting up of the Jack & Jill Foundation, one of the most influential charities in Ireland. The book was launched by Denis O’Brien and reviewed in The Irish Times and Irish Independent.

Of working with Emily, Jonathan said:

“Emily reeled me in by developing a quite sociable, easy, breezy schedule, because everything has to be cut down into bite-size chunks for me. We didn’t do the strict timetable, and it kind of just evolved. The two of us would sit around my kitchen table for three-hour sessions, drinking copious amounts of coffee. I’d talk and she’d write. A simple formula that seemed to work. Even though my stories were patchy in places, and the time sequence was something we’d have to get back to at the end, Emily had the perseverance to get the job done. And always in such a charming, but razor-sharp manner. What a lovely ghost she is. Nothing spooky whatsoever. She captured the stories, added the detail and weaved it all together with a little ghost magic.”

For more information, please contact Emily.